Pregnancy Yoga

Congratulations on your Pregnancy.

Choosing to practise Yoga during Pregnancy can bring many benefits to you and your baby. It is a perfect way to prepare your body for labour and motherhood.
You can begin safely practising Yoga from 14weeks onwards (2nd Trimester) and continue right up to birth (as long as you are feeling well) This practice suits all levels of ability from beginner to regular practitioner. 

The practice of Yoga will support you by helping to keep your body fit and supple, and through mindfulness breathing techniques, it can help the mind to calm and help to deepen your connection with your baby.

You may also experience many other benefits:


  • release held tensions in the body 
  • balance your energy
  • increase strength and flexibility
  • ease back-ache
  • regulate hormones


  • deepen connection with your baby
  • overcome anxiety, fear, anger, depression


  • improve confidence (transitioning to motherhood)
  • concsciously transform negative into positive energy
  • develop deeper level of compassion for self and baby
  • increase awareness of body and body needs

Time: 7pm - 8.15pm
Date:  Monday 3rd September 2012
Cost:   4week course €60 

Class will continue on a weekly basis and you can join in at anytime  

What to wear: Something comfortable that you can move in
What to bring: Some water and your own Yoga mat if you have one (mats are also available at the centre)   

If you require any further information or have any questions or you would like to book please contact Lisa on 086 172 3399 or email: